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Foundational Literacy for Dyslexia

When learners with dyslexia struggle to read, their confidence suffers. Reading Horizons empowers students to internalize sounds, letters, and word patterns for improved reading outcomes—so no student falls behind.
Our explicit, systematic, and multi-modal approach—with our simple marking system—empowers learners with dyslexia to internalize English sounds, letters, and word patterns for improved reading outcomes.
Aligned with the International Dyslexia Association

Students with dyslexia often fail to develop essential reading skills due to the high cognitive processing load associated with traditional instructional methods. Our approach reduces this load by explicitly addressing phonemic awareness, word recognition, spelling, and decoding.

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Unique Marking System to Recognize Patterns

Our marking system, a hallmark of Reading Horizons’ effectiveness, helps students with dyslexia recognize and internalize English sounds, letters, and word patterns they sometimes miss.

“In my quest to provide students with dyslexia access to reading and writing, I’ve been trained in several programs. Reading Horizons blends all the essential components required to aid students who experience reading difficulties.”
Reading Specialist
Boston Public Schools, MA
Confidence for Teachers. Confidence for Learners.

With our scripted lessons, educators at any experience level can effectively implement foundational literacy instruction. When educators are confident in instructing, student confidence grows.

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