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Foundational Literacy for the Classroom

With Reading Horizons’ explicit instructional model, educators can create a strong and lasting reading foundation for every student.
Reading Horizons is the expert in foundational literacy. That’s why hundreds of school systems across the country have adopted our supplemental Tier 1 curriculum to complement core reading programs.
Not All Programs are Created Equal

When a core reading program is inadequate, it creates knowledge gaps, disengagement, and a lack of motivation for students. Our Orton-Gillingham-based, sequential, and systematic method helps all students develop essential skills step-by-step, developing automaticity, proficiency, and confidence.

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”With Reading Horizons, my students are way ahead of past years. The exposure and direct practice are helping tremendously. Reading Horizons is my favorite curriculum in six years here!”
Kindergarten Teacher
Lumberton Independent School District, TX
Reading Fluency with a Single Program

Our curriculum focuses on all of the foundational literacy skills identified in the lower strands of Scarborough’s Rope Model:

  • PhonologicalAwareness
  • Decoding and Encoding
  • Sight Recognition
Free to Move About the Classroom

Teachers are often tied to the whiteboard, projection board, or chalkboard, limiting their ability to interact with and observe students. Our digital teacher tool allows educators to move around the room, provide immediate corrective feedback to students who need additional support, and document progress for further differentiation.

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Data to Drive Differentiation

Educators can support students based on their progress by combining observation data with automated Skill Check data—and intervene when necessary.

Let’s Eradicate Illiteracy Together!

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