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Foundational Literacy for Adult Education

To teach adults how to read effectively, you need tools designed specifically for a diverse adult population. Reading Horizons offers age-appropriate solutions for readers at every level.
Reading Horizons makes success obtainable by creating a pathway to graduation certificates, vocational training, or employment for adult learners.
A Problem Hiding in Plain Sight

Just because many adults effectively hide their reading challenges doesn’t mean it’s not impacting their lives, opportunities, and happiness.

A Proven Method

The power of Reading Horizons is in our method: it’s simple, streamlined, and easy for students to learn and apply. Learners move at the pace of proficiency, allowing them to acquire language and literacy skills faster.

Learn About Our Method
Reading Resources Designed for Adults

In library systems, adult-ed programs, and community colleges across the country, a diverse group of adults is eager to learn to read. Our solution is specifically designed for adults—always matching the reader’s level—with age- and skill-appropriate resources.

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Our Adult Ed Solution Includes:

Teacher Lesson Scripts
Reading Library
Self-Guided Software
Student Practice Books
Pronunciation Tool
Transfer Cards

Let’s Eradicate Illiteracy Together!

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