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Foundational Literacy for K–12 Distance Learners

COVID-19 forever changed the rules for remote learning. Whether you’re leading fully remote or hybrid instruction, Reading Horizons simplifies remote instruction for educators and makes it engaging for learners.
Reading Horizons adapts seamlessly from the classroom to remote learning to deliver science-based reading instruction—regardless of environment.
Science of Reading in a Virtual Setting

Teachers can use our software to review student performance data, monitor progress, and receive alerts when students need additional support or intervention.

Seamlessly Transition from Instruction to Software

Students receive hands-on Structured Literacy instruction from their teachers and then have the opportunity to receive more instruction, practice, and transfer in the software. Teachers can easily assign needs-based software practice and skill checks between direct instruction days.

Online Software

After completing a virtual or in-class lesson, educators can provide additional practice, review, assessment, progress monitoring, and student accountability with Reading Horizons online software (for grades K–3 and 4+).

Student Transfer Materials

Whether you want to create additional practice and accountability for every student or need an offline option for students with limited or no internet access, Reading Horizons Student Packets are available to reinforce every virtual lesson.

Virtual Professional Development

Looking for virtual training? Prepare every teacher with a practical method for providing Structured Literacy instruction with live and on-demand virtual training and development courses.

Professional Learning Overview

Let’s Eradicate Illiteracy Together!

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