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Foundational Literacy for Elementary Intervention

Some students who struggle with reading also struggle with academic performance across all subjects. Reading Horizons helps students learn to read so they can read to learn in other subjects.
Our explicit foundational literacy program reduces cognitive load and gives students the time and intensity needed for effective skill development.

Powerful Teacher Tool

With Reading Horizons, lesson content, teacher resources, student data, and differentiation reside in the interventionist’s hands—ensuring every student receives the targeted support they need to thrive.

Targeted Assessment and Instruction

Standard reading assessments focus on reading outcomes without identifying specific skill deficits. These tools help educators identify gaps and build student-specific curricula.
Phonics Screener
Identify specific skill deficits to maximize instructional time and practice.
Data-Based Pacing
Lesson pacing is based on observational data and automated Skill Checks.
Instruction Toolkits
Focuses instruction on high-impact areas to reinforce or reteach concepts.
“Since 2015, Reading Horizons has been my core phonics curriculum, first as a reading interventionist and now as a private tutor. The approach boosts my students’ confidence and leaves parents thrilled.”
Private Reading Tutor, MN
Resources for Differentiation

Student Transfer Books, Decodable Books, Review and Transfer Day resources, and instructional toolkits provide flexible resources for interventionists to help students reach and maintain skill proficiency. Data from student observation and formative assessments help teachers determine which resources to use and when.

Real-Time Coaching

When it comes to intervention, providing effective corrective feedback is paramount. Our coaching “mini-modules” help teachers identify common errors, provide guidance on corrective feedback, and use data to provide targeted support.

Professional Learning Overview

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