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Foundational Literacy for Older Leaders

Intervention for older learners (grade 4 and up) often overlooks early foundation skills—skills necessary for automatic decoding. Reading Horizons addresses these skills while providing engaging, age-appropriate student materials and a mature software interface.
Our research-based and science of reading-aligned phonics instruction is tailored for fourth-grade and above students, ensuring relevance and engagement for older learners.
Flexible Implementation

With explicit teacher instruction and engaging instructional software, Reading Horizons’ implementation is flexible and customizable based on the students’ needs and intervention settings.

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Chall’s research on the fourth-grade slump shows that many students face challenges transitioning from learning to read in grades K–3 to maintaining and growing those skills in grade 4 and beyond.

Using our engaging, self-guided software, learners can move through the curriculum at their own pace. Then, instructors use the progress data to determine which skills to teach in small groups to maximize instructional time.

…or Instructor-Led

Likewise, teachers can drive instruction and then use the software for further student practice and differentiation. Either way, intervention is most effective when students receive direct instruction. Direct instruction is always a key component.


“At the beginning of the year, one of my seventh-grader’s Lexile® score was 400 points below grade level. After a few months of Reading Horizons, he’s nearly reading at grade level! It’s exciting to be a part of his success.”
Seventh Grade ELA Teacher, Deer Valley Unified School District, AZ
Diagnostic Assessment

The initial diagnostic assessment identifies specific skill deficiencies, so the teacher-led instruction and software practice target each student’s needs. As students move through the curriculum sequentially, the diagnostic score for each skill determines the depth and practice required for student mastery.

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