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We’ve Simplified the

Science of Reading

Science-based reading instruction for every age and ability.

ALL GREEN from EdReports

Under EdReports’ updated, more rigorous rubric, Reading Horizons Discovery® is an ‘all green’ supplemental curriculum.

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5 Shortcuts to Support Alt-Cert Educators eBook Download

Strategies to Foster Confident New Teachers

Equip your new educators with the tools to thrive from day one.

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Empower Older Students to Read Proficiently

Shatter misconceptions and boost literacy in upper grades. This ebook debunks myths and provides actionable strategies to unlock the potential of every learner.

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Our method gives educators the confidence to deliver evidence-based instruction so every student can learn to read proficiently.

Foundational Literacy for Every Student

Whole Class

Reading instruction for the whole classroom.


Extra support for aspiring readers.


Targeted approach for diverse learning groups.

Our Purpose is Impact


Successful Students


Empowered Educators


Thriving School Communities

Software that Supports—not Replaces—Teacher Instruction

Our teacher-led, technology-enabled solution delivers a blended learning model that instills confidence in teachers and students alike.

Data-Driven Direct Instruction

Ongoing Professional Learning

Successful Students

Structured Literacy to crack the reading code.

Using explicit, sequential, direct, and multi-sensory instruction, ability- and age-appropriate materials, and engaging and data-driven software, students have the tools and support they need to build reading confidence.

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Empowered Educators

Teachers have more on their plates than ever.

Comprehensive professional learning, digital lesson scripts, and support from our expert education consultants ensure every educator feels confident in the classroom.  

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Thriving Communities

Reading is opportunity.

When students learn to read with Reading Horizons, the impact is exponential. From school districts large and small to adult education classes to virtual learning settings—when people learn to read, the entire community benefits.  

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Let’s Eradicate Illiteracy Together!