Words of Wisdom: A Special Literacy Talks Episode with Dr. Anita Archer

by | Sep 28, 2022 | 1 comment

This is an episode to listen to many times over and share with your literacy colleagues. With featured guest Dr. Anita Archer, this Literacy Talks episode covers the literacy landscape and explores the power and practicality of explicit literacy instruction. From instructional content to instructional design, effective delivery to feedback and practice, listeners will have the opportunity to understand why Dr. Archer is in demand as a speaker, writer, curriculum developer, and consultant. Hear some of her most memorable “Archer-isms” and come away inspired, informed, and energized to, as she says, “teach with passion and manage with compassion!”


Season 2, Episode 7

1 Comment

  1. This episode was exceptional. Dr. Archer presented so much information that is immediately applicable in the classroom and for training teachers. Well done!


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