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Literacy Talks

A Podcast with Fresh Perspectives on Literacy, Learning, and Teaching

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Literacy Talks

About Literacy Talks

Welcome to Literacy Talks, the podcast series from Reading Horizons, where reading momentum begins. Each episode features our trio of literacy champions: Stacy Hurst, an assistant professor of reading at Southern Utah University and Chief Academic Advisor at Reading Horizons; Donell Pons, a dyslexia specialist, educator, presenter, and writer, who now works with adults who struggle with reading; and Lindsay Kemeny, an innovative, dedicated elementary teacher who is a CERI-certified Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher.

Keep in touch with Stacy, Donell, and Lindsay by emailing them your questions, comments, and thoughts about episode topics at

Each episode mixes the right blend of humor, hope, and humanity. It’s a conversation among friends with practical literacy strategies, powerful tips, and a real passion for teachers and students alike.

Listen, laugh, and learn with Literacy Talks, brought to educators everywhere from Reading Horizons.

Stacy Hurst
Donnell Pons