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A Little Bit of Myth Busting: The Pet Peeves of Reading Experts

In this episode of Literacy Talks, our three literacy experts share some of their reading instruction pet peeves. From humorous to heartwarming, you’ll hear why English is not a complicated language (it’s complex), why reading instruction can’t and shouldn’t end at third grade, the problem with limiting students to books only at their Lexile level…and more. It’s a fast-paced, fascinating look at rethinking and relearning what we thought we knew about teaching reading.

Here are the six pet peeves shared by Stacy, Donell and Lindsay:

  1. When people refer to English as a crazy language
  2. When people think that IQ and reading are related
  3. When we tell children they can only read books at their Lexile level
  4. Not learning what we needed to learn about the science of reading when we were in college
  5. The resistance to getting rid of the 3 cueing strategy
  6. When people think that reading instruction ends at third grade

Season 1, Episode 3

Literacy Talks

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