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3:00 PM MT (5:00 PM ET)

There’s growing momentum and excitement in the field of early literacy. This webinar will give you an insider’s look at the newly launched Reading Horizons Discovery® system for Structured Literacy. Join Katie Shelton and Sean Lindsey, two of our most knowledgeable Education Specialists, for a close-up tour of a solution that will put everything foundational literacy at teachers’ fingertips. You’ll get the whole story from the core Science of Reading research supporting the program and its student and teacher-facing content to the technology that powers planning, instructional delivery, grouping, and tracking. Join us. Register today!

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The Next Big Thing in the Science of Reading

Helping your K–3 students develop into skillful readers can be daunting, especially when you have to integrate more than one curriculum to ensure good coverage of word recognition skills. Reading Horizons is proud to introduce Sound CityTM, a brand new phonemic awareness component of Reading Horizons Discovery®. Sound City, which includes digital and print sound wall components, will help your students easily make the connection between speech and print enabling them to decode and spell words with greater proficiency.

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Sound Walls — Part 1: A Big Boost for Early Literacy

Presented by Stacy Hurst, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Southern Utah University, and Chief Education Officer, Reading Horizons; and Lindsay Kemeny, Second Grade Teacher, Davis School District (UT)

Word walls have become a staple of K–3 instruction, but how effective are they? As Science of Reading research makes its way to classrooms, teachers are beginning to make the shift from word walls to sound walls because research shows that speech-to-print instruction produces better results for students than the more traditional print-to-speech approach.

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Sound Walls — Part 2: Hear More about Literacy Success

Presented by Stacy Hurst, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Southern Utah University, and Chief Academic Officer, Reading Horizons; Lindsay Kemeny, Second Grade Teacher, Davis School District (UT); and Donell Pons, Dyslexia Educator and Consultant

After the popular first Sound Walls edWebinar, watch the recording of Sound Walls Part 2. The presenters answer many of the questions from the first session, and then look at the role sound walls can play in early literacy and in instruction for English and adult learners. Literacy experts Stacy Hurst, Lindsay Kemeny, and Donell Pons digs into the how’swhy’s, and when’s for using sound walls and the role they play in helping all learners make that vital connection between letters and the sounds those letters represent.

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Reading Science: A Tour of Free Resources, Online Communities, Experts & More!

For reading and literacy instruction, there’s always something new and something more to explore. In this edWebinar, we’ll look at the growing wealth of professional learning, collaborative communities, and websites available to help educators learn more about the science of reading, access helpful free resources, and find communities to support and share experiences and expertise. From games and decodable texts to podcasts and professional learning sources, you’ll have a new collection of places to turn to when you’re looking for insights, answers, and next steps with your students and your own professional growth.

We’ll also share information about experts to connect with and follow. And yes, there’s more! Our presenters will model clever ways to use these materials and share helpful “look-fors” as you make choices about communities and resources you and your colleagues will want to explore further and join!