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10 Book Memes for “Get Caught Reading Month”

It’s Get Caught Reading Month! As an educator, we know how exciting is for you to catch one of your students reading. But, we also know that there are some students you wish you would catch reading. 

Here are some images you can share on social media and/or print to hang around your school or classroom to encourage reading this month:

A meme of a dog wrapped in a blanket with the words "You never know what you'll find in the pages of a book."
A meme of a landscape image of a sunny sky and beach with the words "With the right book, the beach is just a few pages away"
A meme of a snake coming out of a swamp with the words "A new surprise lurks behind every page of a good book."
A meme of a young man wearing a hat lying his head on a steering wheel in a car with the words "There's so many new friends to make in the pages of good books."
A meme of a jellyfish in the ocean with the words "You never know what lies under the surface of a new book."
A meme of a red umbrella with the words "Escape the weather with a good book."
A meme of a woman doing yoga on the edge of a cliff with a beautiful view with the words "Change your surroundings with a good book."
A meme of a man standing in a foggy field with the words "Get lost in a good book."
A meme of many hot air balloons flying over rolling hills with the words "Change your perspective with a good book."
A meme of a man standing in front of a waterfall with the words "Unexpected destinations await you in the pages of a good book."

Share these images in your favorite social network to encourage your students to get caught reading this month!

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