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New York

As a district administrator in New York, you know the importance of literacy and education for your students. We understand that navigating the education system can be complex, especially with the added pressure of meeting state and federal standards. Reading Horizons is proud to partner with the BOCES statewide contract to support local school districts, including instructional programs, staff development, and shared services. We are committed to supporting literacy in New York through compliance with legislation such as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and NYS Ed Law 2d, so you have a reliable and effective way to improve literacy skills and outcomes for your students.

New York Reading News

At Reading Horizons, we follow the science of reading to support teachers with a program that helps students across the country build foundational reading skills and reach their full potential.

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Building Reading Momentum with Supportive Partnerships

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Matt Crismon

Matt Crismon

Simply log in and pick up where you left off with a screen that shows everything you need to prep and teach the next whole-class lesson. You’ll see a lesson summary, a script for inspiration (or to read word-for-word), a video that models teaching, and coordinating student slides that, with a tap, display on your SmartBoard or TV.

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As you pick up on issues while teaching (such as problems with pronunciation, decoding, etc.), tap students’ names on your screen to use quick, color-coded tracking. Your tagging automatically groups students based on their needs so you can easily divide the class for center work.

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Each student’s device automatically syncs with coordinating gamified assessment and practice,  reinforcing the day’s skill and checking progress. Once they’ve finished the activity, you can view what percentage of students are at or above level, who needs intervention, and which instructional strategies are the best next step.

Research Study

Cleveland County

Nearly 50 educators across 16 elementary schools in Cleveland, North Carolina participated in this ESSA Research Study to explore the relationship between implementing the Reading Horizons® method and student learning outcomes in K–3 classrooms. Both implementation integrity and student outcomes were measured by the Reading Horizons Implementation Integrity Rubric and the DIBELS 8 assessment, respectively. In all analyses, student performance outcomes increased from pre- to post-test.

The Reading Horizons method, implemented via its K–3 literacy solutions, meets the What Works Clearinghouse ESSA Tier 3 requirements—Promising Evidence.

Reading Horizons research study for Cleveland County
“Our neediest group starting this school year was 3rd grade due to many factors, but hybrid instruction during their foundational years was a major factor. After giving one of our benchmark assessments at the beginning of the year, 37% of the third-grade students were classified as Emergency Level Readers. In January, this percentage dropped to 19.5%. In addition, our K–5 students have shown an increase from 32.2% proficient in the Fall to 50.7% proficient in the Winter!”
Michelle Robinette
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Midlakes-Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District, NY

Simple Method—We have over 40 years of proven science integrated into one intuitive tool designed in collaboration with classroom teachers.

Ease of Implementation—We work together with teachers to develop resources that transform the complexities of an evolving science into a streamlined program for all students.

Supportive Partner—Consider us your trusted teaching partners—whether to offer support or to celebrate, we’ll know you by name and pick up when you call.

Educators say, “It’s a teacher’s dream!” 
Reading Horizons Discovery

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. With leading real-time data, you can celebrate reading success district-wide.

Overcome student learning gaps with assessment-driven explicit phonics instruction based on the science of reading.

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Foundational Literacy for Older Students

Nearly 66% of fourth- and eighth-grade learners perform below proficient achievement levels in reading. For students grades 4 and beyond who struggle with reading, the path ahead can be difficult and discouraging. For striving readers, newcomers, and students with special needs, we can do more and do it better. And that’s the focus of this edWebinar.

For many teachers, the science of reading feels overwhelming because it’s so… different. As you teach, it’s hard to know for sure if you’re getting it “right.”

You shouldn’t have to figure it out on your own. Access our free community today.

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