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Surviving the Social & Emotional Side of Coronavirus: Practical Resilience and SEL Wellness for Every Educator

teacher in classroom wearing a face shield while teaching during COVID

In this edWebinar, Dr. Will Blake, Founder of the Meducos Health Institute, and Shantell Berrett Blake, Director of Training for Reading Horizons, present strategies for building stress resilience to improve teacher health and wellness. The stress associated with the current educational challenges has not only impacted teachers’ wellness, but also has negatively influenced instructional efficacy and student achievement. Their focus is practical, evidence-based methods that can be easily implemented in and out of the classroom. Incorporating these tactics will help teachers improve their personal resilience and decrease the threat of burnout.

They also share how to use these techniques in the classroom with students as well. The results of such implementation will be happier, healthier, less-stressed teachers as well as improved student wellness and outcomes. This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to kindergarten through middle school teachers, school and district leaders, special education teachers and school and district leaders, professional development leaders, curriculum leaders, equity, inclusion, and diversity leaders, school improvement leaders, and Title I and federal funding directors.

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