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Leading for Reading: A 360-Degree Look at the Science of Reading Now

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Watch this edLeader Panel for a robust look at the science of reading in action. Our distinguished panel includes district curriculum directors, curriculum developers, and panel leader Stacy Hurst, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Southern Utah University and Chief Academic Advisor at Reading Horizons.

From implementing reading science practices in early elementary education to evolving teacher training and professional development approaches, this edLeader Panel helps site and district-level leaders gain valuable perspectives. How and when do you transform early literacy instruction and teacher practice? Can we achieve reading proficiency for all students by the end of third grade? What training, resources, and implementation strategies will schools and districts need for success? The session also explores the role of technology-embedded instructional methods for students and teachers. Are you curious about what’s new and next in reading science and how to evaluate programs, products, and professional learning? This session gives you insights, affirmation, and practical steps to take now.

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