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Improving K-3 Reading Achievement: How to Do This. Now.

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They’re back and on track to improve K–3 reading achievement. Reading Horizons’ Stacy Hurst, M.Ed., and Donell Pons, M.Ed., present the next in a series of webinars that focus on the hows and whys of achieving reading proficiency by grade three. In this session, these literacy leaders look at some of the biggest issues facing reading educators today. They unpack how teachers can improve their K–3 students’ reading achievements by integrating evidence-based strategies to support them effectively.

Viewers benefit from proven, practical guidance on selecting effective content for foundational reading instruction. They also cover how to help teachers give much-needed support to striving students who are often left to rely on guesswork to get by. This webinar offers a look at how reading education has evolved over the years and explores the importance of literacy programs grounded in reading science. Another key topic? Donell and Stacy tackle why, if incorrectly used, technology can sometimes do more harm than good in literacy instruction. Watch this session to leave with new perspectives and proven ways to help your striving readers starting now!

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