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Beaufort County Public Schools


During the 2022–2023 school year, Beaufort County Public Schools implemented the Reading Horizons Discovery® curriculum across 84 K–3 classrooms.

Participation in RH Discovery-facilitated professional learning was statistically significant in kindergarten and second grades, such that teachers who completed more RH Discovery-facilitated professional learning had higher spring mCLASS achievement. Similar relationships were found for self-paced professional learning in kindergarten classrooms, such that greater participation in self-paced professional learning was associated with greater mCLASS achievement in kindergarten, greater phonemic awareness in first grade, and greater decoding in second grade. In kindergarten, teachers who had an observation score of 3 or higher had students with statistically significantly higher spring phonemic awareness scores.

Beaufort County Schools Research Study


Meets ESSA Evidence Tier 3 – Promising Results

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Instruction Type:
Tier 1 (Whole Class)

Reading Horizons Discovery®

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