Grade Levels

Sebina Davis

Teacher, Vineland Board of Education, New Jersey

My students' diagnostic and Lexile results have improved. They enjoy being able to work independently on the program during small groups. The games are also fun as well as educational for the whole …

Jamie O'Brien

Teacher, Pennsville School District, New Jersey

Prior to using Reading Horizons, I didn't feel like my phonics lessons were as meaningful and purposeful as they are now. Now, there's a procedural way of teaching each lesson so that students are …

Lucienne Prato

Teacher, Vineland Schools, New Jersey

I have seen the tremendous growth in my students from September until June! Because this program has been utilized a few years I can see the retention of skills mastered from first grade when I get …

Ahmet Dincel

Teacher, Clark County School District, Nevada

Students have shown remarkable progress using both work book and software portion of the Reading Horizons program with an increase in vocabulary, reading grade level, and comprehension.

Brad Evans

Instructional Coach, Clark County School District, Nevada

I systematically followed the RH curriculum using differentiated workstations and focusing on small groups. We worked roughly 3 hours per week on RH. By the end of the year, I had one student who had …

Don Christman

Director, Lockwood School District, Montana

As a result of uniform instruction and efficient measurement of progress we have moved several of our students into the proficient area of our district assessments. Reading Horizons has made this …

Ashley Stine

Teacher, Marionville, Missouri

We had a student last year who came in not knowing what a letter, word, or a sentence was. They went from reading a level 2 to reading a level 20! They gained so much confidence and developed a love …

Marci Creed

Teacher, Marionville, Missouri

We have a student that did not speak English until last year and she is now reading books that are 4th grade level and turning them into 6th grade level with 100% comprehension!

Nathan Buckland

Teacher, Licking, Missouri

Every student made at least one full grade of reading growth last year. My goal is to increase that this year. Since all of my students are struggling readers that was huge. I also had several (3) …