Grade Levels

Pamela Bluem

Teacher, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Ohio

Within two weeks of daily use, this student realized the correspondence between hearing the sounds that are associated with the letters, and began to sound out words phonetically based on his study …

Katie Lorson

Teacher, Madison Park Elementary School, Ohio

I several students who went from a kindergarten reader to hitting the third grade reading guarantee score for the state of Ohio as a second grader.

Jamie Williams

Teacher, C.B. Eller Elementary School, North Carolina

I love teaching letter groups and then making words after each group so they are learning how to blend and make words even before they know all letters and sounds. I love the c/k rule and students …

Ava Bradley

Teacher, Cleveland County Schools, North Carolina

I have been really pleased with how well [Reading Horizons] has worked for them to use the same thing for intervention as they use for core instruction. I feel like my students are having a much …

Maggie Nelson

Teacher, Literacy Council of Union County, North Carolina

My students' test scores have all gone through the roof, and RH is the only thing different from last year. Confidence levels, accuracy, everything has gone up. The student who made the most …

Dana Mundell Slater

Teacher, Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD, New York

The students like the predictability of the procedures in each lesson. They enjoy the active participation of standing at the whiteboard and practicing the skills, during the learning sessions. They …

Lauren Griggs

Teacher, Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD, New York

I have noticed a big change in confidence in reading for my students. Their specific knowledge in encoding words with the coding system is starting to translate over to decoding while reading.

Carey Raymond

Teacher, Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD, New York

Every single one of my students in the program has shown growth. Three of my students are satisfactorily progressing on their IEP goals and are reaching towards the growth of an entire reading level.

Jenn Andes

Teacher, Altura Preparatory School, New Mexico

Out of 32 students the majority came in knowing no letters or sounds and now EVERY student can read CVC words. Out of 32 students I have 13 reading above grade level.