Grade Levels

Amber Orseno

Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pennsylvania

I have had multiple students demonstrate significant growth after a year of Reading Horizons instruction. It closes gaps and allows students to feel successful and accomplished.

Leigh Fox

Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pennsylvania

I am amazed at the growth that I have seen in my students this year after using Reading Horizons as an intervention program. I have had a few students who went from reading 7 words per minute to now …

Jessica Ratliff

Instructional Mentor, Salem-Keizer Public Schools, Oregon

Our teacher has seen growth with all the students she has using Elevate and one in particular has shown a lot of growth and is super excited about his own progress. For a kiddo that has really …

A Teacher from Oregon

Teacher, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

We finally have a common language in my classroom when decoding words. This training not only told me what to teach but why we should teach it this way. I love it!

A Teacher from Oregon

A Teacher, Riley Creek Elementary School, Oregon

We have a second grade student who has been receiving intensive intervention for the past two years. She is finally reading with excellent fluency and accuracy!

Sussy Bolanos

Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma

OMG my third graders made 100% gains in their Literacy test...I'm so glad we have access to reading Horizons online where my students can make great gains on their own pace. Thanks RH team you have …

Karen Cisneros

Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma

I have one student who entered this school year speaking Spanish only. Now, 4 months into the school year, she is picking up on English more and more every day. Not only that, but she is able to read …

Alejanda Martinez

Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma

This product was really easy to work with and understand to teach children. Most of the children I see during the day have a lot of trouble with their alphabet and reading comprehension, but with the …

Mary Callicoat

Teacher, Virtual Community School of Ohio, Ohio

I had a student improve nearly a half a grade level this year! For students that I teach, this is a huge improvement!