ELL Reading Program

ELL Reading Program

Reading Horizons uses a combination of teacher training, direct instruction materials, and instructional software to empower teachers to provide simple, succinct, and straightforward reading instruction that accelerates learning for English Language Learners (ELLs).


Teaching the Rules and Patterns of the English Language

Reading Horizons provides a research-based approach that breaks the basics of the English language into a step-by-step process that shows English Language Learners (ELLs) exactly what they need to do in order to learn to read, write, and communicate. The simple framework provides students with strategies for decoding the majority of words in the English language.

The Reading Horizons Elevate® program leads to efficient reading gains for ELLs in the following ways:

Align Instruction with Reading Science

Reading Horizons teacher training and instructional tools are aligned with the principles of reading science and the Structured Literacy approach. Instruction includes both top-down strategies such as vocabulary, fluency, and grammar and the bottom-up skills of phonemic awareness and phonics to help ELLs learn to read. During training, teachers learn how to implement these strategies into practical and engaging instruction for ELLs.

Reveal the Patterns of the English Language

After being trained in the Reading Horizons method, teachers are prepared to explain each of the rules and patterns of the English language. These rules and patterns dramatically decrease reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors and give students a formula for attacking unfamiliar words.

Help Students Master Each English Sound

The Pronunciation Tool is included in Reading Horizons software programs to help ELLs master each sound of the English language. This tool shows the proper tongue placement and mouth movement for each sound through animations and video footage. Students can record themselves practicing each sound and compare the recording to the narrator to gauge progress.

Help Recent Immigrants Adapt to New Culture and Language

To help students with large language gaps, the Reading Horizons Elevate® Software includes optional language translations for lesson material in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. A collection of Reference lessons are also included throughout the lesson sequence to help ELLs build a basic understanding of English grammar. For students new to American culture, workbook and software activities include common vocabulary terms, culture lessons, and real-world reading tasks.


Prepare Instructors to Explain English Patterns to ELLs

To help ELL students build reading, spelling, and pronunciation skills, Reading Horizons prepares instructors to teach the rules and structures of the English language in a way that is clear and engaging. The training can be held in-person or with a variety of virtual options.


Finding Reading Success as an English Language Learner

Watch the videos below to see how teachers help English Language Learners find reading success using Reading Horizons direct instruction and software tools.

Dr. Neil Anderson

Johnson Academy of International Studies

American International School of Utah

Instructional Literacy SOFTWARE

Individualized Reading Instruction for ELLs

The Reading Horizons Elevate® Software uses assessments and skill checks to continuously adapt lesson content to the skill level of each ELL student as they master the rules and sounds of the English language.


Using Reading Horizons in Adult ELL Programs

Watch these testimonials to see how these organizations use the Reading Horizons Elevate® program to help adult ELLs find reading success and achieve their goals.

UMASS Dartmouth

Columbus Adult School

Oi, Student


Hands-On Reading Instruction for English Language Learners

Using the Reading Horizons Elevate® direct instruction materials, instructors have a guide for providing deeper, multisensory instruction when the software performance data indicates a student needs more practice with a specific skill.

"At first, we used Reading Horizons as a tack on to another program, but we all started getting such good results that it became a staple for all of our correctional programs. It really helps with a whole host of writing, spelling, and reading problems—for both lower level and higher level students."

- Frances Tracy-Mumford | Maryland Academic Coordinator of Correctional Education, Baltimore, MD

"It allows my students to receive the training, as if, there were receiving it from a reading teacher.  I have over 30 adults in my class at one time, and it is impossible to give directed, individual instruction to all of them. Reading Horizons is a life saver!"

- Shawn M., Contra Costa Parole Education Program, CA

"One of my former ESL students came to visit me and to tell me that she had successfully completed the CNA program and that one of her instructors complimented her on her pronunciation of the medical terms she had to learn. She told the instructor that the Reading Horizons class was key for her because she had learned to "prove" the way words sound!!! I was so elated to hear about her success!"

- Michael A. | Instructor, Beaumont Adult School, CA

"I want to tell you that I have an adult student  who has been struggling for years to learn how to read. She is in her mid-thirties. She is so excited now because your program – Reading Horizons Elevate – has shown her how to read. Every day when she comes into class, I cannot tell you how excited she is to be able to learn more on the Reading Horizons program."

- Margaret M. | Instructor, Escondido Adult School, CA