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S6E2 Strategies for Building Stress Resilience as an Educator

February 16, 2021   |   Duration: 00:32:28   |   With Reading Horizons Featuring Dr. William Blake and Shantell Berrett Blake, MA

season 6, EPISODE 2

In this episode of Podclassed, Dr. William Blake and Shantell Berrett Blake, MA, discuss multiple strategies you can use to build your stress resilience both in and out of your office or classroom. These strategies are helpful as you cope with the changes that have resulted from the pandemic and for coping with stress in your everyday life.

Expert Guests

After fifteen years of clinical practice, Dr. William Blake served as the CEO of a national medical management company in order to help other physicians with the growing demands of managing their private offices. Upon becoming frustrated with a healthcare system that focused on sickness rather than health, he founded the Meducos Health Institute where he promotes using lifestyle as the best way to achieve health. He now specializes in combining physical, mental, emotional, and social health to help others live a balanced and truly healthy life.

Shantell Berrett Blake is currently the Director of Training and Presenting at Reading Horizons. She holds a Masters in the Science of Reading, with Dyslexia certification. Shantell is the mother of a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, which was the catalyst for her professional path. She believes in support for the whole individual, addressing not only the learning difficulties but the social and emotional needs as well. She earned her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner certificate in 2020 to help better address the emotional challenges faced by individuals with language processing difficulties. She is passionate about literacy and the overall growth and development of the individual.

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