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S3E6 Creating Culturally Competent Classrooms


Rann Miller, educator, writer, and trainer, shares his insights and suggestions for helping teachers to create classrooms that connect with all students. Mr. Miller provides practical ideas for teacher awareness and curricular practice.

Expert Guest

Rann Miller directs the 21st Century Community Learning Center, a federally funded after-school program located in southern New Jersey. He spent 6 years teaching in charter schools in Camden, New Jersey. He is the creator, writer, and editor of the Official Urban Education Mixtape Blog. His writing on race and urban education has appeared in Salon, AlterNet, and the Progressive, where he’s an education fellow.


Rann Miller is the author of the following books:

Double D’s of Destruction (2012) – The Double D’s of Destruction speaks to the root of these issues and how we can overcome our own numbness in an effort to take back our communities. There is no way that we can truly heal our communities if we have yet to allow for healing in our own personal lives.

The Cooper Street Offense (2013) – The Cooper Street Offense was created from one teacher’s desire to help assist inner-city school teachers by providing practical strategies for instructional application. While many of these strategies can help with teaching students everywhere, the focus of this text is for inner-city teachers and educators alike.

Black Male Teachers (2013) – Many education policymakers and researchers falsely believe that Black male teachers have a primary responsibility to foster the social development of Black male students. However, increasing the presence of Black male teachers improves the diversity of the profession and should be viewed as a benefit to the system, as they provide quality services to all students regardless of race and/or gender. This edited volume offers sound suggestions for advancing diversity in the teaching profession. It provides teacher education programs with needed training materials to accommodate Black male students, and school district administrators and leaders with information to help recruit and retain Black male teachers.

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