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S2E3 Part 2: Adolescent Literacy: Challenges and Changes For Increasing Engagement and Achievement

November 20, 2018 | Duration: 00:34:43 | With Laura Axtell Featuring Dr. Michael W. Smith, Christopher Butts

season 2, EPISODE 3

Laura continues the conversation about research and recommendations for increasing the literacy lives of secondary students with Dr. Michael W. Smith, professor, researcher, and co-author of books on adolescent literacy. She also speaks with Christopher Butts, high school educator, to discuss literacy with adolescents in an alternative school setting.

Expert Guests

Dr. Michael W. Smith is a professor in the College of Education at Temple University as well as a researcher and author. He has reported his research and the instructional ideas derived from them in a variety of articles and chapters and in 16 books, including Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys and Reading Unbound, both of which won the David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English. A list of Dr. Smith’s publications can be found here.

Since 2016-17, Chris Butts has been a Title I Coach at the alternative school for the Boise School District, where he enjoys co-teaching various levels of math and English. As a Teacher Consultant with the Boise State Writing Project, Chris co-designed and co-facilitated online courses about informational and argumentative texts. He also provided local Idaho districts training around the Common Core Standards. Starting in 2013, Chris worked with Teacher Consultants from the National Writing Project and the Idaho State Department of Education to establish the Idaho Coaching Network, an organization that provides training in literacy instruction and teacher leadership.


Part 1: Adolescent Literacy: Challenges and Changes For Increasing Engagement and Achievement

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