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Reading Horizons Recommended as Supplemental Literacy Program for Grades K–3

Reading Horizons Discovery earned all green ratings in phonological awareness and phonics.

Reading Horizons, a leading provider of foundational literacy programs, announced today that the Utah State Board of Education approved Reading Horizons Discovery® as a recommended Supplemental Literacy Curriculum Resource.

In 2022, Utah joined many states in realigning reading instruction to Structured Literacy grounded in the science of reading. The Utah State Board of Education convened a panel of experts to oversee implementing a requirement that districts use materials backed by the science of reading. Its goal is to get 70 percent of third-grade students in Utah reading at grade level by 2027.

The Utah State Board of Education acknowledged Reading Horizons Discovery® as a K–3 foundational literacy program that uses systematic direct instruction to build crucial early literacy skills, supporting all students to attain reading proficiency by the end of third grade. Following Utah SB 127’s mandate, the State Board of Education is implementing strategies to boost early literacy from kindergarten to third grade with expert-reviewed programs aligned with the science of reading. 

“We are in year three of implementing Reading Horizons and have found it aligns strongly with the science of reading. We are so excited to see Reading Horizons Discovery® on Utah’s approved curriculum list for foundational skills with zero red flags. We have been anticipating this alignment. We see its value and the success it is giving students and teachers,” said Mindy Terry, instructional coach at Manila Elementary Daggett School District.

Reading Horizons Discovery® offers tech-enabled, explicit, systematic, and sequential instruction in phonics and decoding paired with phonemic awareness. Districts and schools aiming to enhance literacy instruction, trust and value Reading Horizons as a supportive partner that helps ensure students reach proficiency by the end of third grade.

“Making the Utah State Board of Education’s approved literacy curriculum list is proof of Reading Horizons Discovery’s impact, crafted from nearly 40 years of innovation aligned with research. We’re honored and motivated to continue empowering Utah educators in eradicating illiteracy,” said Tyson Smith, CEO of Reading Horizons. “We actively show up as a supportive partner, staying in tune with educators’ needs and creating products that empower teachers to work their magic.”

A panel with deep knowledge of the science of reading critically evaluated Reading Horizons Discovery® before including it on the State Board’s approved curriculum list. By spring, after four bidding cycles, a final review will solidify the resources for LEAs (Local Education Agencies) to select their reading programs for the 2024–2025 school year.

About Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons empowers educators to eradicate illiteracy with effective, tech-enabled foundational reading instruction that helps all students achieve reading proficiency. For over 40 years, Reading Horizons has continuously aligned its simple instructional method with advancements in the science of reading. The company supports school districts, schools, frontline administrators and educators, and most importantly, students, with ongoing, synergistic partnerships, serving as a trusted, innovative foundational literacy partner. Adopted by more than 50,000 educators, the company’s proven method for teaching foundational literacy prevents and remediates reading difficulties, supporting its mission to ensure students reach reading proficiency by the end of third grade. Reading momentum begins at Reading Horizons.

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