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Reading Horizons Launches Free Online Community to Support the Science of Reading

The Science of Reading Collective features resources, experts, and peer collaboration to help teachers deliver the most effective foundational literacy instruction possible

(KAYSVILLE, UT) November 21, 2022Reading Horizons, a company committed to partnering with educators to eradicate illiteracy, has launched the Science of Reading Collective, a free, online community designed to help teachers confidently and effectively implement the science of reading.

The science of reading identifies the most useful techniques for teaching and learning to read, but adopting a new approach can feel overwhelming, no matter how beneficial it will be for students. To support educators with any level of experience and an interest in teaching reading regardless of grade, the Science of Reading Collective is offering free access to:

  • Bite-sized practical lessons and professional learning events;
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with experts in the science of reading; and
  • An always-open forum for discussion with peers.

“Our mission is to empower educators to eradicate literacy,” said Tyson Smith, the CEO of Reading Horizons. “That’s why we’re offering free access to the Science of Reading Collective to all educators, whether they invest in our products or not. The science of reading comprises the most powerful tools for teaching students to read, and we believe that teachers deserve every advantage available to face the challenges of illiteracy.”

To help educators become familiar with the collective and hit the ground running, Reading Horizons will host a free webinar on on November 21, 2022. The introductory webinar will take place from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST and will feature a tour of free resources, online communities, and experts. 

Educators can visit to join the Science of Reading Collective and register to attend the webinar or watch the recording at

Simplifying the science of reading, Reading Horizons Discovery provides a next-generation foundational reading curriculum with real-time data to differentiate instruction

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