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Reading Horizons Announces the Newest Edition of Reading Horizons Discovery, with Tech-Enabled Lesson Delivery that Promotes Reading Proficiency by Third Grade

Simplifying the science of reading, Reading Horizons Discovery provides a next-generation foundational reading curriculum with real-time data to differentiate instruction

Reading Horizons, a company committed to empowering educators to eradicate illiteracy, announced today the next generation of Reading Horizons Discovery®. The Reading Horizons multisensory method, paired with a new tech-enabled lesson delivery system, helps educators deliver effective, science-based reading instruction.

Teacher using Reading Horizons Discovery on an iPad

The new Reading Horizons Discovery provides engaging, accessible, grade-specific lessons to guide K–3 students in mastering foundational reading skills. Mastery is supported by integrating phonemic awareness and phonics through a simplified scope and sequence. The new program provides instant and actionable data to inform instruction, building student confidence and momentum to become proficient readers. 

“It gives me immediate feedback and immediate data,” said pilot user Crystal Champion, a first-grade teacher in North Carolina. “The data is there as soon as the Skill Checks are done, and I’m able to plan my instruction according to the data.”

The new Reading Horizons Discovery also automatically groups students based on mastery for small-group instruction and provides extension and intervention lessons to support differentiated instruction. To reduce teacher prep time, training videos are embedded in every lesson. 

Reading Horizons Discovery will allow me to save time,” said pilot user Heather Henry, a first-grade teacher in Alabama. “With only one press of a button on the iPad, everything is available without having to search through numerous computer programs. It’s a teacher’s dream.”

By helping teachers pace lessons, monitor student mastery, and ensure instructional equity, the new Reading Horizons Discovery empowers educators to teach foundational reading skills that students can apply in all subjects.

“With an intentional focus on helping students become proficient readers by third grade, we’re committed to providing teachers with turnkey lessons that put our proven method into action,” said Tyson Smith, the CEO of Reading Horizons. “This new program continues our mission to provide every student consistent, engaging, and effective foundational reading instruction.”

Educators and education leaders can learn more about Reading Horizons Discovery here.

About Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons empowers educators to eradicate illiteracy because they believe literacy is opportunity. For over 40 years, the Reading Horizons simplified method has aligned with the evolution of the science of reading and evidence-based teaching strategies that prevent and remediate reading difficulties. Reading Horizons shows up as a supportive partner working shoulder-to-shoulder with educators to fight illiteracy, backed by their supportive partner guarantee. They have supported more than 50,000 educators to help every student, regardless of their learning differences. Reading momentum begins with Reading Horizons. For more information, please visit

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