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Reading Horizons Launches Professional Learning Series on Social-Emotional Learning

Kaysville, UT, February 9, 2021—In order to combat the high-stress levels of students and educators during the pandemic, Reading Horizons has launched a professional learning series titled Getting to the Heart of Effective Reading Instruction with Social-Emotional Learning. This series begins on Tuesday, February 9 at 4:00 PM ET and includes four free webinar sessions and three podcast Q&A sessions to help educators learn how to help themselves and their students become more resilient to stress in and out of the classroom. If educators miss a session, all the recordings will be available to anyone who registers for the series.


The first two sessions of this webinar series, Power Up Your Reading Instruction by Becoming Stress Resilient, Pt. 1 + 2, will focus on strategies that teachers and educators can implement to reduce their stress levels in and out of the classroom and school settings. Educators can then set the stage for more effective instruction and more impactful interactions with other educators, students, and parents.

The last two sessions of this webinar series, How to Reduce Student Stress to Increase Reading Performance, Pt. 1 + 2, will focus on strategies for reducing student stress in the classroom—especially for struggling readers who often experience high levels of stress when reading and performing other academic tasks.

These sessions will be presented by Dr. William Blake, Shantell Berrett Blake, MA, and Carrie Drake Saunderson, MA.

After fifteen years of clinical practice, Dr. William Blake served as the CEO of a national medical management company. Upon becoming frustrated with a healthcare system that focused on sickness rather than health, he founded the Meducos Health Institute, where he promotes using lifestyle as the best way to achieve health. He now specializes in combining physical, mental, emotional, and social health to help others live a balanced and healthy life.

Shantell Berrett Blake, M.A., is the Director of Training and Presenting at Reading Horizons. She holds a Masters in the Science of Reading with a dyslexia certification. Shantell is the mother of a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, which was the catalyst for her professional path. She believes in support for the whole individual, addressing learning difficulties and social and emotional needs as well. She earned her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner certificate in 2020 to better address individuals’ emotional challenges with language processing difficulties. She is passionate about literacy and the overall growth and development of the individual.

Carrie Drake Saunderson received her MA TESOL from Brigham Young University and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) from The Flourishing Center in Oakland, California. As a passionate educator and positive psychology practitioner, Carrie spent over 13 years teaching nearly every age group and demographic before coming to Reading Horizons in 2016. She has worked with curriculum and training and presenting at Reading Horizons and established a company wellness initiative called RH Thrive. She especially loves combining so many of her passions—people, reading, teaching, learning, and wellness—in various professional roles and settings.

The webinar series will be hosted by Erika Huff, Campaign and Event Manager for Reading Horizons. The podcast Q&A sessions will be hosted by Laura Axtell, M.Ed., on the Reading Horizons podcast, Podclassed.

To register and learn more about this professional learning series, visit this page.

About Reading Horizons

For almost 40 years, Reading Horizons has worked to make the principles of reading science practical for the classroom through professional learning, direct instruction materials, and technology tools. The program helps beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners of all ages find reading success. Reading Horizons products are research-based and use a multisensory system that provides explicit, systematic, and sequential decoding instruction. For more information, please visit

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