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Can We End “the Reading Wars?” Part Two—Cracking the Alphabetic Code

In this episode of Literacy Talks, the focus is squarely on cracking the alphabetic code, making this episode a “must-hear” for educators who teach reading and educators who teach and coach teachers. The launch pad for this discussion is the article Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition From Novice to Expert by Anne Castles, Kathleen Rastle, and Kate Nation. Our podcast hosts will explore why young learners need to understand and produce spoken language and why it’s equally important to engage children in the writing system, connecting spoken and written language so they become skilled readers.

And yes, there’s more…

From the myths about phonics instruction to the classroom context, this episode shines a much-needed light on the importance of understanding that reading proficiency depends on years of practice and instruction as students connect text and meaning. It’s always helpful to have a guide whenever we visit someplace new. This episode is your guide to where research and classroom practice intersect. Let’s take a tour together in this episode of Literacy Talks.

Season 4, Episode 8


Click this link to read the show notes. 

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