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Can We End “the Reading Wars?” Part One of a Four-Part Article Study

Whether you participate in more formal professional learning communities or informal study groups with colleagues, you know the power of sharing and discussing articles and information that are important, thought-provoking, and meaningful. In this episode of Literacy Talks, we launch a four-part conversation centered on the article Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition From Novice to Expert by Anne Castles, Kathleen Rastle, and Kate Nation. Our hosts will dive deep into this seminal work, discussing why they find it so impactful and why they recommend it to the science of reading enthusiasts and skeptics alike. It’s like a book club meeting and a professional learning experience all rolled into one. The first episode of this mini-series looks at the article’s opening section, including the importance of reading proficiently, the genesis of “the reading wars,” and the authors’ definition of reading along the way. Join the journey and invite your colleagues for a close look at this critical, robust review of how we can truly help all students read proficiently.

Season 4, Episode 7


Click this link to read the show notes. 

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