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Trisha Thomas

Trisha Thomas joined the Reading Horizons C-Team to foster her passion for education and to help improve the teaching and learning experience for educators and students in classrooms. In her new role at Reading Horizons, Trisha brings over 20 years of experience in developing and executing revenue models that lead to an impact in K–12 education. Combined with her proven success in marketing strategies and customer experience at Discovery Education, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, and Illustrative Mathematics, Trisha is looking forward to making quality reading instruction accessible to everyone. Trisha received her Business Management degree from University of Maryland and her MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Why are you passionate about working for Reading Horizons?

I am passionate about my work at Reading Horizons because of the culture, people, and the focus on impact. I am inspired by the positive culture, the willingness and abilities of the people that we work with, and the impact we are making to teaching and learning. Reading Horizons offers a unique and effective instructional model that builds teachers confidence and helps all learners become capable lifelong readers.

Trisha Thomas