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Kedrick Ridges

Kedrick Ridges is a craftsman, passionate team builder, motivator, creative thinker, designer, illustrator, and avid do-it-yourselfer. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication from Weber State University, he leverages nearly 20 years of design and product experience ranging from branding and identity design to interaction and user interface design. He thrives on creative problem solving and loves creating simple, intuitive products and experiences that help people accomplish their goals—big and small.

Kedrick loves building things—bridges mostly 😉 —but also just about anything out of wood. He lives in Kaysville, Utah, where he raises backyard chickens and goats—in addition to eight remarkable children.

Why are you passionate about working for Reading Horizons?

Throughout my career, I have had the unique privilege of working almost exclusively with cause-oriented companies and clients, from higher education to faith and family. Reading Horizons is no exception. Our mission of cracking open the powerful potential inside each one of us through literacy is as noble a cause as any on Earth. We have the opportunity to truly change lives. That is exciting. That is motivating. And that is worth fighting for.

Kedrick Ridges