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Explore Reading Horizons Discovery®
Your Green Light to Early Literacy Success

Why Choose Reading Horizons Discovery?

  • Recognized Excellence: Achieved ‘All-Green’ rating from EdReports and ESSA Promising rating
  • Science-Based Approach: Rooted in reading research to successfully build phonics and decoding skills
  • Tech-Enabled Instruction: Digital lesson manuals and student activities with real-time data
  • Trusted Partner: Supports over 200,000 educators in driving literacy success

Transforming Literacy Education

Reading Horizons Discovery empowers K-2 students by accelerating literacy outcomes, ensuring they reach proficiency. Our program is designed for easy implementation, helping teachers effectively support students across all learning tiers.

Recognized for Excellence

“An all-green rating from EdReports is a testament to Reading Horizons Discovery’s impact and our 40 years of dedication to literacy education. We continue to innovate, ensuring educators have the tools they need to support all students.” Tyson Smith, CEO of Reading Horizons.

“I have always loved utilizing Reading Horizons in my class, but this year has been a game-changer! Reading Horizons Discovery has opened doors during my instructional block that I did not have in the past. I feel the most prepared and secure in my instructional approach within phonics due to the layout of the program, including toolkit resources and Real-Time Coaching.” General Education Teacher, Montgomery ISD.

Let’s Eradicate Illiteracy

Discover how Reading Horizons Discovery can transform your literacy instruction and help your students achieve reading proficiency. Read the full report here.

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