February 27, 2019

Arlene Holderness

Tags: Change Their Story, ESL Instruction, Results, Student Stories

South Gray Community Learning Center implemented Reading Horizons for struggling adult readers. This includes but is not limited to English Language Learners. Students have shown remarkable progress using the software portion of the program with an increase in vocabulary, reading grade level, and comprehension.

Student 1 — a male English Language Learner — Jose — age 32

Jose enrolled with us after his wife was shot and killed leaving him with 3 young daughters. Jose spoke and understood little English at enrollment. After 94 hours in the software component, Jose has learned 782 new vocabulary words and is reading at the third grade reading level.

Student 2 - a female English Language Learner — Maria — age 39

Maria enrolled with us in September of 2014. Maria spoke and understood very little English at enrollment. She was very nervous and she was trembling during the enrollment process. After 116 hours in the software component, Maria has learned 3,368 new vocabulary words and is reading at the fifth grade reading level.

My husband recently hired a young man who speaks little English. After enrolling him at our Learning Center, I quickly enrolled him in Reading Horizons Elevate. After a few short months, he is communicating much more effectively at work and with his daughters' school.

Grade Level: Adult Ed