February 27, 2019

Research: Hughes Youth Corrections

***The research on this page references the Reading Horizons reading program for corrections. Reading Horizons also creates and distributes other types of reading curriculum products including a structured literacy program for lower grades in elementary school, a reading intervention program for upper grades, and an ELL reading program.***

Summary of Findings

Every participant demonstrated gains as measured by the Reading Horizons assessment.


A youth corrections facility conducted a pilot study to investigate the effectiveness of Reading Horizons interactive software. More youth participated in Reading Horizons instruction than were included in the reported outcomes.


Reading Horizons interactive software.


Pre- and Post-test scores were gathered using the Reading Horizons assessment in the software. In this assessment, word lists of increasing difficulty are read, and scores are based on corresponding grade equivalents. Levels on the test range from 0.0 to 12.0. Outcomes were reported for 14 participants. Not all participants had completed the Reading Horizons program at post-test.

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