February 27, 2019

Teachers Delaware

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Methodology, Results, Software

A student was completing a lesson about building words. When he asked to build some words, he got so excited that he could do it and read the word. He kept telling me that he can read words. So I went to watch him when he did the lesson. The pride on his face was priceless!

My students have definitely improved with their comprehension.

The Reading Horizons program has helped the majority of my students improve spelling and writing sentences through dictation.

Last year I had a student who was a struggling reader. She would always work so hard to read anything that I gave her. It was amazing to see her applying the phonetic skills and getting through passages that she never thought she could get through.

I have two students who are reading significantly below grade level. They have shown a lot of progress using Elevate and I am able to target their weaknesses more directly.

Some of my low students are really starting to read and decode due to DIP

One of my students went from inconsistently identifying letters and letter sounds to knowing every single one AND being able to write CVC words on his own! In just a few months!

In Elevate, students and teachers are able to see the progress that students are making by using the diagnostic report and progress monitoring. Special education teachers are excited to compare IEP goals and student data  

Grade Level: Secondary