February 27, 2019

Tammie Jones

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results, Software, Student Stories

Reading Horizons has opened my students' eyes to what it's like to have success in Reading. My students, in past years, were constantly frustrated with the programs we have provided for interventions in Reading. I felt that the students would hit a ceiling and then give up with little movement in their oral fluency scores. Behavior problems would then occur to avoid working with any element that involved Reading. Now... with the Reading Horizons program... my students are starting to feel success. The students are actively engaged in class and they constantly ask to go on the software. When I give Spelling tests, the students are utilizing the markings (how they mark up their words in Reading Horizons) to assist them in spelling out the assigned words! I have many students who have very short attention spans and the time on task I see with Reading Horizons is amazing! They respond using the kinesthetic movements they were taught at the very beginning of the program. When given direct instruction, I know they are paying attention and participating when the movements are involved. They also ask to use the software when they have free time. I have students that are feeling more confident and want to read or attempt to read material to adults. My students ask other teachers if they can read to them and are actually excited about Reading. I also love the skill checks that are included in the units. It is a nice reflection of what the students have mastered and what additional instruction the students may need.

These are sentences from Reading Horizons students in my Learning Support Classroom.

1. David: "You learn your vowels, how to read, and spell words. You can learn how to arch it and mark it. I'm not scared to read. You can earn coins and trophies by working hard and passing lesson on the computer. I feel proud when I move up a level."

2. Dior: "I like proving words. It is helping me to read."

3. Earl: "I feel like I can read better."

4. Marjai: "I like the games. I learned about the voiced and voiceless sounds. I learned how to spell when certain suffixes are added. I learned a lot and want to keep learning. I can now read things on my own."

5. Tyler: "Every time I pass a lesson I get more books to read and games. I also like learning new skills from the lesson."

6. Isaiah: "I like reading books on the computer. I like how it teaches me words I didn't know before. I get to play fun games."

7. Eddie: "It's kind of cool. You earn coins through the lessons. There's books you can read."

8. Anthony: "I can work smart and it helps me learn to spell words."

9. Jemiyah: "It's helping me learn my words better. I like the trophies and the coins."