February 27, 2019

Susan Anderson

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology

I love Reading Horizons. We started implementing it in our 2nd Grade classrooms last year. We also teach it during our workshop time to our struggling readers. It has helped them sooooo much. They have learned the the "why" of reading and not just the "how". For the first time ever, all of our students know the vowels. They know blends and special vowel combinations. No matter what level our students are on, they love the interaction of learning with hand signals, white boards, and phonics games. We use the Reading Horizons Spelling also. It's amazing how well the two programs compliment each other. For the first time, our struggling readers can feel successful with spelling now. I'm so excited to see what a difference it will make by the end of the year!

I had a boy who came into 2nd grade and couldn't even read on a first grade level. We started Reading Horizons in class and he was slowly coming, but still not up to grade level. His mom worked with him after school on the same concepts we we were working on in class. He started using the rules to spell and read words. It came slowly, but Reading Horizons gave him the base to start. Now he is in 3rd grade and has been diagnosed with a learning disability, but Reading Horizons is his success story. He isn't on grade level, but he is really close! I love this program!

Grade Level: Secondary