February 27, 2019

Sharon Kea

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results

I have taught and retaught the 3 letter s blend for over a week. I gave the students an activity of a time passage reading with that skill scattered through out a fresh read grade level passage. I knew I needed to give the students additional reteaching and instruction when they were unsuccessful in reading the words in text. Somehow in the first time I had taught the lesson I wasn't teaching the lesson in its entirety in order to make the connections that these students needed. I retaught the lesson and paid special attention to the fantastic notes given in the teachers manual to assist students. I used every activity and enrichment enhancements that went with the 3 letter s blends. After an additional week on the skill, I handed the students a new grade level fresh read with the 3 letter s blends included in the text and they all experienced success with the text.!

Grade Level: Elementary