March 01, 2019

Sharon Hillestad, E.D.

Tags: ESL Instruction, Results, Student Stories

We have had "wins" (through) using the Reading Horizons program. A 21-year-old man came in and took his word-recognition level from grade 5 to grade 9 in (fewer) than 25 hours! After he (completed) the first five lessons, he asked me if he could come in every day. He had an idea that there was some system inherent in the reading process. His goal was to read well enough to join the army.

Another man, from Mexico, who could understand English, but not read or speak it, did (went through) the program. He can now read the newspaper, and (he even) sang a song in English for the first time at one of our parties.

Thank you so much for your wonderful program. In particular, I appreciate the ESL part of your program, and I have seen it help and change lives!

Grade Level: Adult Ed