March 01, 2019

Samantha Fitts, Ed.D.

Tags: K-12 Intervention, Professional Development

The following quotes are from exit interviews after a Reading Horizons training: 


  • This presentation was not only fun but very informative. As we practiced decoding, I became more and more comfortable and familiar.
  • Tonight's class was very exciting. I learned lots of new information to help my students decode words. The presentation was amazing!
  • I really did not understand the rules of phonics until today.
  • I was not aware that phonemic awareness is the most vital component to predict a student's reading success. It is the foundation of reading.
  • Teaching reading strategies explicitly help students/struggling readers read better.
  • I was totally unaware of the rules of phonics. I feel ready to enhance students reading level and provide intervention for students who are struggling.
  • Reading Horizons is an amazing program. Students would benefit from this program and create a lasting reader.
  • I learned the correct way to teach all readers even the ones that struggle.
  • Reading Horizons should be in every school.
  • I learn so much and feel as if I will attend the Professional Development with Reading Horizons. I had many "aha" moments.
  • The Reading Horizons Program should be purchased for every Atlanta elementary school. We need to be proactive, not reactive. Great class today!
  • The Reading Horizons Program was very informative. I learned different strategies for reading. AWESOME!
  •  I don't know everything and I learned an awful lot tonight with this new phonics strategy.
  • I will start using the information that I learned tonight tomorrow in my class. This was informative.
  • I am happy to be part of the Reading Endorsement Class. The learning is phenomenal. Everyone in APS should take this class.

Grade Level: Elementary