February 26, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Michelle Gray

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results

I started teaching Kindergarten at the end of October. I came into the room as the students 3rd teacher and many, many subs. I started using Reading Horizons after my first week. With help from my instructional coach, I was ready to give it a try. I grew as a teacher as I used the program. We were not sure what the students had been taught, so we started at the beginning. Then, I started giving check ups before I would teach. Many of the students knew their letters, so we could do a review of the letter and move on. This helped me manage what was taught.
A few months into the program we had our district wide MAP testing. 67% of my students met or went above their goal!!! Only after 3 months of implementing Reading Horizons, structure, and routines, my class grew the most on their MAP test out of four kindergarten classes in the school!

Grade Level: Elementary