February 26, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Meg Baron, Penny Vandewater, and Lou Baier

Tags: Adult Literacy, Correctional Education, ESL Instruction, Methodology, Software

We are writing to tell you how useful and helpful the Reading Horizons program has been in our program. We work with incarcerated adult learners and are working to help them read at a level of at least 6th grade. We have found the program to work very well with students testing at the 4th-6th grade reading level when used alone. ESL students get a consistent method of hearing letters sounds and words and also hear their own pronunciation of English with the Drill and Practice aspect of the program.

The program provides pre- and post-test capabilities with an easy-to-use record keeping system. The record keeping system provides specific feedback on each student’s progress with lesson recommendations after each unit test.

This program is easy to install, and we appreciate how the Reading Horizons staff is always available to help or answer any questions. Usually we have been able to talk to you about our problems immediately when we have called in. When you have been unavailable, you have called back very soon and faxed hardware solutions when we have needed them.

We have no complaints about this product. It is easy to use and holds the student’s attention without being flashy. Students, when asked, always say they think it is a positive and beneficial learning tool. We plan the continued use of the Reading Horizons program.

Grade Level: Adult Ed