March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Linda England

Tags: Correctional Education, Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results, Software, Special Education

I love Reading Horizons because it helps students find success in reading that previously have given up. I have a 15 year old student that came into our program reading at the 4th grade level. She became very angry telling me that she is not going to do any stupid reading program. She said she was tired of being teased about being stupid and would not participate because she has tried for so long without success. The last statement she made was, you have to show me research that it works. I downloaded some examples of students who found success from the Reading Horizons website and the research behind it. After she received this, she was willing to participate. I was able to pick and choose the lessons I felt would benefit her most, so that she did not feel like she already knew the material. This has only been two weeks now, but she is fully engaged in the program to improve her ability in reading. I feel confident she will find the reward of success she is seeking as she continues the program. Thanks Reading Horizons, for providing a program that can help reluctant readers to try yet again to succeed.

Grade Level: Secondary