February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Kristy Harris

Tags: Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Methodology, Results, Student Stories

Reading Horizons has been a blessing in my classroom this year. I use a lot of whole brain teaching and made a poster and slide show for each of the 5 phonetic skills with hand gestures. We do this everyday of the week at the beginning of phonics time. I have an ELL student this year that came to first grade below grade level. Using this program with him during whole group and small group he is now reading the same fluency passage as my on-level group with very few mistakes if any. He is also taking his reading test with the whole group instead of being sent to the ELL teacher for her to administer. He is taking AR test on his own and passing them all. He is very confident now and marking his words to help him figure out the ones he don't know. He is making 100's on his spelling test, fry words, and high frequency test weekly.

I have many stories I could share. This program has been amazing for my classroom. But my favorite would be: I have an ELL student that came to first grade could barely even say his alphabet or the sounds for them. With the help of Reading Horizons he is now in my top group and reading on above grade level with very few mistakes and is making straight A's. He has mastered all of his most common words. Reading Horizons has boosted his self confidence to a whole new level.  

***The success story (review) above was based on the Reading Horizons explicit phonics instruction taught in over 10,000 schools. Reading Horizons creates and distributes other types of reading curriculum such as ELL reading instruction and a reading intervention program for grades four and up.***

Grade Level: Elementary