March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Korah Winn (Schlueter)

Tags: ESL Instruction, Methodology, Student Stories

I have been using for a group of eight students.  I cannot emphasize how important Reading Horizons has been in forcing me to slow down how fast I go over foundational reading concepts with my students.  In the past, I would hammer a concept (ex. blends) for a week or two and be itching to move on.  Reading Horizons has continuously impressed me with how methodical and systematic it is in marking and proofing words.  Through that process, we continue to work on blends while tacking on concept like special vowel combinations (ex. -ill.)  This routine practice has allowed one of my Nepali students to make sense of English and move from not even knowing his consonants and vowels at the beginning of the year, to successfully reading basic books.  Reading Horizons has given this ten year old a lifeline to hold onto as he works hard to make sense of the complexities of the English language.

***The success story on this page was based on the Reading Horizons explicit phonics instruction taught in over 10,000 schools in the U.S. Reading Horizons produces other types of reading curriculum like ELL reading instruction for non-native English speakers and a reading intervention program for upper grades.***

Grade Level: Elementary