February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Jayne Hartwell

Tags: Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results

Most students are finished with Reading Horizons. I gave the San Diego Quick Assessment and the Slossen Oral Reading Test—both decoding tests—and measured students the last week of our 1st semester. Our 7th graders' average grade level decoding was 6.63, and 8th grade avg. was 7.58. I was thrilled! I purposely didn’t measure grade level decoding in September, knowing results would be devastating on students’ confidence levels, but Reading Horizons claim to raise kids 2 grade levels, no doubt, worked for us! By year-end, with supplementing, I believe most students will be on grade level. Because of our improved “accuracy,” our comprehension scores averaged miraculous grade level gains in four months: 7th=1.38, and 8th=2.15. Mind you, this was without using our “comprehension" computer program, Reading Plus! Hallelujah! I have more stats on fluency and vocab, but I’ll suffice saying, Reading Horizons needs to get a “reporter” over here to record some testimonials!!  

Grade Level: Secondary