March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Evelyn Mack

Tags: Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results, Software, Student Stories

I’ve been using Reading Horizons in my school and tutoring center starting back in June of 1989. I’ve tutored many children with this fantastic reading skills program, and I have nothing but great things to say about Reading Horizons. I’m sold out to Reading Horizons. It works for hundreds of children here in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte Lockhart has done an amazing thing to help teach children and adults alike to read. Charlotte was responsible for helping my child to read when we lived in Decatur, Illinois. She took my son and changed his life into reading forever. My son is a young man today, using Reading Horizons here at our center, teaching young children to read.

I can say so much about this phonics program, but the proof is in the pudding. Student #1 enrolled in my center on January 27, 2003. The test showed her reading level at 3.5. After teaching the skills for four months, her grade level is 4.5, (which is) a year’s growth in just four months. I’m amazed.

Student #2 enrolled into the center at age 7 in 2003, reading at (a grade level of) two months. This student was diagnosed by his school system as learning disabled and BEH. I started working with him, using Reading Horizons. We taught the basics, learning his alphabet and vowel sounds, blending his sounds. It worked. This child is reading at (a) 3.1 (grade level) now, not quite at grade level, but he now has a sense of wanting to learn. He feels so much better about himself. We are still working with him to get to grade level.

Student #3 enrolled in the center (in April 2003 with a) grade level of 0.4, age nine. She had been home schooled, but (her mother) was not successful in teaching her daughter to read. So, we started teaching her the skills starting at the beginning, working through these skills. Today, she is now reading at 5.4 grade level.

These students are just a few of the many students we’ve worked with here at EMA. This program has proven itself, time after time. If you do what the program teaches, you can’t go wrong with helping all children who are experiencing difficulties in reading. I love the program so much that this is the only reading skills program I use in our computer lab. This program has done great things for my students and their parents.

***The review/success story contained herein references the Reading Horizons explicit phonics instruction taught in thousands of school districts around the country. Reading Horizons creates a variety of reading curriculum such as ELL reading instruction and a reading intervention program for struggling readers in grades 4+.***

Grade Level: Elementary