February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: elaine Hall

Tags: Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results, Student Stories

This winter, one of our current families adopted a child from Haiti and enrolled him at our school as a second grader. He knew some letters and letter sounds. His sight word knowledge was very low; he was not able to read even a Level A book. This student began using the Discovery Software as part of his interventions. He is now reading at a Level D! His word attack skills are much stronger, and his knowledge of sight words has increased tremendously. Without using Discovery Software, we feel certain he would not have made as much progress.

***The review contained herein was based on the Reading Horizons explicit phonics instruction taught in thousands of school districts around the United States of America. Reading Horizons publishes and implements a variety of reading curriculum for instance ELL reading instruction and a research-based reading intervention program for grades four and up.***

Grade Level: Elementary