February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Diego Sandoval

Tags: Direct Instruction, ESL Instruction, Implementation, Professional Development, Results, Student Stories

Diego Sandoval – Success Story

My name is Diego Sandoval and I came from Mexico not knowing any English. I came to the United States when I was fifteen. I came to Clearfield Job Corps knowing very little English. All I knew was how to say “hello”, and “bye”. Through using Reading Horizon’s system it helped me to improve my reading score to an eleventh grade level in less than a year. I couldn’t have done this without using Reading Horizons Elevate. Thank You!


Diego Sandoval

***The success story above was based on the Reading Horizons structured literacy curriculum taught in over ten thousand U.S. schools. Reading Horizons publishes many types of reading curriculum such as ELL reading instruction and a research-based reading intervention program for struggling readers in grades four and up.***

Grade Level: Adult Ed